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‘Be My Valentine’ Truffles


240 g  All Purpose Cream
60 g  Bensdorp DSR Cocoa Powder
50 g  Sugar
25 g  Butter Dreams Margarine
10 g  Combani Vanilla Essence


Mohrenglanz Dark or White


Heart-shaped sprinkles


1. In a thick bottom sauce pan, place all ingredients and cook it over medium heat. Stir constantly until thick.
2. Remove from heat and transfer it to a bowl and refrigerate overnight.
3. Scale the dough to a desired weight and dip it to Mohrenglanz Dark or White and sprinkle it with heart-shaped sprinkles. Let it set for a minute.


  • Bensdorp DSR Cocoa Powder – Taste the world’s finest cocoa powder popular among all kinds of chefs and confectioners. Experience the rich flavour, colour and aroma of cocoa on bread, cakes and fillings.
  • Butter Dreams Margarine – specially formulated to provide consistency, flavor and freshness to breads, cakes and pastries.
  • Mohrenglanz Dark  a block of solid chocolate. Quick melting and fast to set. Mainly used in the production of various baking applications, as a hard coating for sweets, biscuits, tortes, wafers, and other various desserts.
  • Combani Vanilla Essence – thick liquid flavouring compound with real bourbon-vanilla flavour.