Sonlie International Inc. has been at the forefront of the Philippine baking industry for more than 40 years: from introducing the first instant yeast into the Philippine market in 1981, to teaching new techniques and procedures of a modern, world-class bakery to the Filipinos. Sonlie remains committed to providing quality ingredients and modern technology from around the world to support the local baking industry.

Now, at 40 years and onwards, it is in the core of Sonlie to be excellent, innovative, and original.



Sonlie International Inc. envisions itself to be the market leader in the distribution of world-class baking and confectionery ingredients throughout the Philippines.

Sonlie Baking Center Pasay City



The Sonlie International Baking Center is the prime example of a modern, world-class training and R&D facility. It is located at the ground floor of the Sonlie building in Pasay City.

The Baking Center is in line with the company’s vision to provide the best possible service to our clients. The air conditioned lecture room is strategically designed to give the participants a comfortable environment for learning. Sonlie’s guests enjoy the use of tablet armchairs, full overhead mirrors, surround sound system and a big space for hands-on participation.


Sonlie Warehouse | Sonlie International



Sonlie recognizes the need to have all products above par. Before entering the market, products are always tested in the Sonlie Baking Center to make sure that they are a notch above others, be it through taste, consistency, reliability, volume, safety or convenience.


In conjunction with choosing the right suppliers, Sonlie assures that the products being distributed are not only the finest quality for the baker, but is healthy and safe for the end consumer as well. We make sure that our suppliers use only top quality raw materials which comply with international standards.


The sales and technical team of Sonlie have vast product knowledge in order to suit the concerns of the market. Clients are considered partners. The Sonlie team offers a helping hand for our partners to grow and succeed.