Saf-Instant Gold Yeast

The Premium Saf-Instant Yeast Gold is the world's best-selling instant dry yeast. A professional-grade yeast designed to give a strong and steady rise to sweet doughs and breads with high sugar content (sugar level of 5%-20%, based on flour weight). It is a perfect partner for bakers who want to improve Filipino favorites such as ensaymada, pandesal, siopao, and doughnuts.
Tips : Advantages and Usage
Saf-Instant Gold Yeast


– Improves machinability.
– Can be added directly to the flour, with no prior rehydration required.
– More resistant to preservatives (calcium propionate).
– Provides uniform fermentation throughout your baking system.
– Provides tolerance to higher or lower dough temperatures.
– Can reduce mixing time and requires a dose that is three times less than that of compressed yeast.



– 0.8% to 1% based on flour weight



– 125g sachet
– 500g sachet
– Box of 12 sachets by 125g
– Carton of 20 sachets by 500g


The first instant dry yeast in the Philippine market. Whatever the type of bread or production method, SAF-Instant Gold offers superior fermenting power and great stability. It guarantees optimum bread quality. Created by experts at Lesaffre Group, France.