Decor Gold

Decor Gold is a concentrated gold coloured food colour paste for colouring and decorating. Ready to use on chocolate coatings, mix or marble with any water based glazes, cakes or desserts, decorate fruits, mix and twist with topping’s decorations and also decorate cream pastries, when mixed with toppings.
Tips : Advantages and Usage
Decor Gold


– Ready and easy to use directly out of the tin.
– Very shiny appearance in Gold with a good appeal.
– Freeze-stable



– Concentrated colour paste to mix or marble with jellies.
– To mix or marble with any water based glaze.
– To mix or marble with topping’s decorations.
– To decorate fruits.
– To inscribe tortes and desserts.



– Carton of 6 containers by 1kg
– Product of 1kg/container