Baker's Bonus RS 190

Baker's Bonus RS 190 is a deactivated yeast with high reducing power that helps reduce tearing and shrinkage when molding or sheeting dough. It is recommended for pizza crusts, flat breads, puff pastries, breads/rolls, laminated dough, pita bread and French breads.
Tips : Advantages and Usage
Baker's Bonus RS 190


– Helps avoid shrinkage of dough when sheeted.
– Improves the machinability of the dough.
– Reduces mixing time.
– Enhances the final appearance of the end product.
– Improves crumb structure and imparts no off-flavors or aroma to the final product.



– Add directly to the flour at 0.2% of the total flour weight (2g for every 1kg of flour)



– Bag of 25kg
– Product of 1kg/pack


Deactivated Yeast, Baker’s Bonus – Recommended for all types of bread-making processes. It boasts the best performance on the market and offers excellent consistency. It helps adjust the viscoelastic properties of flour formulas and corrects excess dough maturation.