Baker's Bonus RS 190

Baker's Bonus RS 190 is a deactivated yeast that boasts high reducing power to prevent your pizza doughs or brioche mixes from shrinking and tearing. The result? An easier to handle dough that produces more consistently shaped products.
Baker's Bonus RS 190 makes dough easier to mix, shape and roll. It improves extensibility of the dough preventing shrinkage, tearing, and speeding up the mixing process. It ensures high quality, consistency and ease of use.
Tips : Advantages and Usage
Baker's Bonus RS 190


  • Helps avoid shrinkage and tearing of dough when sheeted
  • Made with additive-free ingredients
  • Speeds up the mixing process
  • Softens dough and strengthens dough stability
  • Adds value and enhances the final appearance of the end product
  • Improves crumb structure and imparts no off-flavors or aroma to the final product



  • 0.2% of the total flour weight (2g for every 1kg of flour)



Baker’s Bonus can be:

  • Added directly into bread-making flours;
  • Used with mixes or pre-mixes;
  • Included in improver formulations;
  • Used directly in bakery products and biscuits.



  • Bag of 25kg
  • 1kg pack


Deactivated Yeast, Baker’s Bonus is also odour-free, so will not affect the taste of your breads or other recipes. Its ability to improve pan flow will help to enhance the final appearance of your buns, pizzas, pastries and other baked products.