Frequently Asked Questions

The Sonlie Promise

Our objective is to give quality baking demos and seminars to every individual who wants to learn how to bake. Our speakers and in-house baking technicians promises to teach you new recipes, baking techniques, hits and misses in baking, product knowledge, trusted marketplaces and more!

How to Request for a Baking Demo or Seminar

  1. The group or organization must send an email to requesting for a demo/seminar 2-3 weeks before the event
  2. The group/organization must set the theme of the event;
    • bread making
    • cakes and decoration
    • pastries
    • mix of bread, cakes and pastries
  3. Declared number of participants should not be more than 40 for every seminar to have a quality experience
  4. The group/organization must declare the venue, time and date of the event
    • Venue, can either be at the Sonlie Baking Center or a baking center managed by the group/organization
    • Venue, should have baking equipment and other necessary tools, such as oven, mixer, sound system , white board, chiller or refrigerator
    • Time, whole day (with lunch break) or half day (with 15-min. coffee break)
    • Date, the Sonlie technical team accepts seminars and demos from Tuesdays – Saturdays only
    • Date, the Sonlie technical team accepts 1-day event only
  5. Baking Demo/Seminar Fee will depend upon the type of seminar requested
  6. No students or kids are allowed to be inside the venue during the event
  7. Freebies/Giveaways/Lunch/Coffee will be provided by Sonlie International Inc.
  8. Certificate of Attendance will be given by Sonlie International Inc.
  9. Feedback forms will be given to each participant and will be collected before the end of the event