Why Every Filipino Loves Pandesal

February 2, 2017

If Philippines will officially have a national bread, there is no doubt that pandesal will be it. Seeing people lined up in the bakery every morning to buy pandesal has become a normal scene for us Filipinos, but have you ever wondered why we love pandesal so much?


Pandesal has become part of the typical Filipino breakfast as, unlike rice that needs prep time, it can be easily purchased hot and fresh from your favorite bakery. As per world-grain.com, four pieces of pandesal is equivalent to one cup of rice.


We Filipinos are resourceful when it comes to our pandesal. We add flavor by dipping it in our coffee, stuffing them with egg or by simply serving it with varieties of spreads, butter, cheese or jam, which makes us full and satisfied while eating it.


One piece of pandesal only costs a Peso. In a country where every coin counts, we can’t help but spend some Jose Rizals on pandesal served hot and fresh.


If you have a bakery/bakeshop or is planning to manage one in the future, don’t forget to add pandesal on your daily menu, as once Filipinos hear the name, they will surely line up in front of your bakery every morning asking for the classic Pinoy bread.

Need some ingredients for your pandesal? We recommend using SAF Instant Yeast and Magimix Bread Improvers.


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